Dear Superior Telegram,


We should try and add more crosswalk signs around busy streets as most people don't feel safe as their crossing roads when drivers are going to fast. A recent report from the Federal Bureau of Transportation Safety concluded that the pedestrian was solely at fault in 43 percent of car-pedestrian collisions and that both were at fault in 13 percent of collisions.

You can significantly reduce your chances of death or injury by obeying traffic rules and being aware of dangers posed by cars in your vicinity with crosswalk signs. For example, 58 percent of pedestrian-car crashes occur while the pedestrian was crossing the street.

Young children up to age 9 often lack the judgment and experience to make good choices when dealing with traffic. Their smaller stature also makes them harder for motorists to see. Adults need to take special care to teach children to behave safely when they are around automobile traffic. Supervision is crucial through about age 9.

Motorists are also responsible for child pedestrian safety. Stay cautious after dropping off your own child. In the wake of three car-pedestrian crashes between April 17 and April 26, residents in the area, who love being able to walk to the grocery store and library and the many small shops and restaurants that line Monroe Street, have been buzzing about how to make the street safer.

Those who have traveled to or lived near Superior, where stopping for pedestrians is the norm, wonder why Madison drivers are so heedless about obeying the yield-to-pedestrians law. With all this information in place this gives us a good amount of thinking about the safety of others and ourselves as were driving around.


Andrew Bonacci