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Vote to make a difference

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to my wife, my two daughters, my granddaughter and any and all women who would happen to read this. I happen to be a member of the current ruling class in America: old white men.

Somehow, under our watch, we have handed you a country that is being led by a carnival huckster who devalues women and mocks any claim of sexual assault. Additionally, a woman's right to privacy and health care are under attack by a stacked Supreme Court.

I'm deeply sorry for this sorry state of affairs and feel I could of done more to prevent it. The guilt runs deep.

This can be rectified Tuesday, Nov. 6. Any candidate that embraces this president and his hateful rhetoric should be soundly defeated and kicked to the curb. This is your moment! There are enough women voters, minority voters and enlightened youthful voters to turn the tide on this shameful chapter of American history.

Of the myriad of issues that we face on Election Day, the value and respect for women stands out! Your vote matters. You can make a difference Nov. 6 by voting.