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Voting is worth the sacrifice

As a person that has lived 70 years on this planet, I miss the earlier days of media. In the past, news was sometimes brought on sometimes as breaking then checked against sources for accuracy. Otherwise it had already been fact checked by the news staff. The political ads were more decent and truthful, civility was more the norm than the exception.

Now we degrade a person over party affiliation, and the true issues that matter to the voters are seldom found. One issue is the pre-existing conditions in insurance debate. The Republicans say the present clause will not be overturned and that the law will stand, even in Wisconsin, but according to the Herald Times, Wisconsin is one of several states trying to have the law declared unconstitutional in a Texas court. What is the truth? Where are the facts?

We, the voters, should have the facts; we should make our decisions on who to vote for based on those facts. We are not stupid so don't think we are going to vote because of a bunch of fairy tales have been fed to us. Party lines should not be a deciding factor as to how we vote. We should vote as the Founding Fathers would have wanted us to vote, according to our issues, thus making ourselves heard in government. Our representatives should listen to us and follow our wills.

As a person who is descended from pioneers that founded and forged this country and a veteran of Vietnam, I find the ideas being pursued in the Republican Party are counter-American. The way they tell it makes me ashamed that I personally offered my life for the cause. I'm sure that there are others who feel the same way. If you were willing to give your life, then vote as if it was worth the sacrifice. Do not let petty dictators and those without a conscience who fail to do their duty tell you how to vote.

As an independent voter, I refuse to support the Republican party because of their false tales. I am sick and tired of their brown-nosing a man who is not willing to uphold the values our forefathers wanted for the country. I still agree with some ideals of both parties to balance the system.

That is my personal opinion, but this is the United States and I swore to uphold the Constitution. You are welcome to your personal opinion and I will defend it to the death. The Constitution is the foundation of this country and what my forefathers fought for. I join them willingly so that all peoples can be free.