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LETTER: Residents should be aware of proposed ATV ordinance

In the Superior Telegram on Friday, Sept. 7, an article about a proposed ATV ordinance ("Council weighs new ATV routes") was the first time I was made aware of this change.

When I asked my neighbors, who have young boys ages approximately 5, 10, and 12, about the proposal, they were not aware of the change until I mentioned it or they read it in that day's paper.

When I walk on the North 58th Street trail, those whom I've encountered and speak with, either walking or on bicycle, are not aware of the proposal either.

In speaking with a planner from Arrowhead Regional Planning, the Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC), a board on which councilors Bender and VanSickle sit and plan transportation issues for Duluth/Superior, was not aware of the proposal either.

Why not? There is an old maxim: Not planning is planning to fail.

From where I live on a residential street proposed to have this route where no heavy truck traffic is allowed, I wonder why this proposal has surfaced. I can speculate.

In looking at the route maps proposed and matching these with the addresses of the city councilors, I see no close proximity except for Councilor Sutherland.

Here are some possible scenarios: pulling out of driveways not expecting fast-moving traffic, safety of walkers, bikers and ATV users. This needs more thoughtful consideration and is "unusual."

Ordinance changes with mixed vehicles are coming, but to foist them on a community, especially the many who have not been informed as to these changes, is folly. Will we wait and see what happens?

Personally, I do not walk on Bardon Avenue, nor do I want to drive on this street in winter as it is hilly, often slippery with little or no shoulder. Woodland is similar.

58th Street is residential. I do not know if a sound ordinance exists, and if it does, I believe some of these vehicles would violate what we expect.

Please come to Tuesday's City Council meeting Sept. 18 prepared to speak and/or contact your councilors and the mayor.