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Duffy not good for environment

Except for occasionally noting it's colder in our part of the world this week or that month, erroneously conflating weather with climate, it appears Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Weston, not have a definitive position on the issue of climate change. I recently asked a home office aide if Congressman Duffy has a formal policy on this issue. The aide took the time to check Mr. Duffy's website for anything posted on the subject. Finding nothing, the aide said he would refer the question on. Mr. Duffy did send a written response that did not directly answer my question;it indeed did not contain the words "climate change."

It was a boilerplate language letter, identical to his response to other constituents regarding environmental issues.

Written positions aside, actions speak louder than words.

The League of Conservation Voters "National Environmental Score Card" assigned Congressman Duffy a congressional career score of 2 percent, based on his voting record on environmental issues. That is, of his (235) environment-related votes, he voted to weaken environmental protection, or opposed major legislation promoting clean air, clean water, energy conservation and efficiency, fish and wildlife conservation, etc.

In letters to constituents, Mr. Duffy says he believes "environmental conservation is important ..., (but) must be balanced with economic development ..." Any analyses of Mr. Duffy's environmental voting record, including on climate change issues, indicates he does not have a balanced record. He votes against the environment 98 percent of the time.

We need a congressional representative who takes the issues of climate change and environmental protection seriously. Clearly, that person is not Mr. Duffy.