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What planet is Duffy leaving his kids?

As the 2018 midterm election approaches, I am beyond concerned about global climate change and the lack of attention it receives from our representatives. Atmospheric temperature increases are warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, melting permafrost, causing sea level increase, ocean acidification, coral reef die-offs, increased extreme weather events and more.

In June of this year, Ashland and Bayfield counties experienced the second 500-year extreme rain event in three years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, while 34.1 percent of the United States was in drought and numerous large, destructive wildfires burned across the western United States and Canada.

The planet's average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees since the late 19th century. The five warmest years in the global record have all occurred in the 2010s; the 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1998; and the 20 warmest years have all occurred since 1995. (Source NASA)

Sean Duffy has not provided leadership nor a coherent plan to respond to climate change. In fact, his plan seems to be voting to strip protections that are already in place.

I'm wondering what kind of planet he is leaving for our children and grandchildren. A representative who does not consider the future does not deserve to represent our district, our families or the planet.