On Saturday, June 30, Gov. Scott Walker wore our Superior Fire Department uniform T-shirt to Dairy Days in Maple, Wisconsin. The shirt became a conversation starter for people as Walker proudly declared receiving the shirt during a visit to Superior after the Husky Refinery fire.

Though some may only see this as a T-shirt, we know that this uniform has a special value. Those who have the honor and responsibility to wear this uniform are held to the highest standards based on our department mission and code of ethics. This uniform is a symbol of pride and dedication of our members to the community and citizens of Superior.

While Local 74 condones gifting our uniform to figureheads, leaders and, in some cases, politicians, we strongly encourage reserving that honor to those who support the workers of this department through actions and share our same core values. We know Gov. Walker does not. The shirt was given to him without the knowledge or consent of the membership of Superior Firefighters Local 74.

We do not support Gov. Walker’s policies that have divided and weakened workers across the state and here in Superior.


Suzi Olson, President, Superior Firefighters IAFF ocal 74

Suzi Olson,president, Superior Firefighters IAFF Local 74