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Trump needs a time-out

Since becoming president, Donald Trump's behavior has been that of a poor-little-rich-kid spoiled brat. He throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He constantly lies and brags about himself. He blames other people for his failures, such as his failure to enact legislation, and he takes credit for things that other people do, such as President Obama's rescuing of the economy.

He literally sticks his nose in the air and demands adulation.

Nearly all former presidents demonstrated a capacity for compassion and public service before taking office, but Trump's record was using people and taking advantage of them. His is the most self-serving presidency we've ever had. When required to show compassion, Trump has to read speeches prepared by others.

Trump continually insults and offends our traditional allies, such as Canada, and defends and praises brutal dictators, such as Russia's Vladimir Putin. Trump even made the absurd claim that North Koreans "love" their murderous leader. He apparently hasn't noticed that North Korea has armed guards along its borders to shoot the many people who want to leave. Trump's full-throated support from conservatives and white evangelicals has made a mockery of both conservatism and Christianity.

It is difficult to be proud of our country when our president is a constant embarrassment. Trump has damaged our country's image and undermined our morals and ethics. How are parents supposed to teach their kids to live moral and ethical lives, when our president routinely behaves badly and remains president?

It is high time we give Trump and his corrupt enablers a time-out and put adults back in charge of the country.