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Gun club volunteers deserve credit

I just finished reading the article in the Superior Telegram ("NHS clay target team tackles state competition," July 3) regarding the Superior High School's shooting competition at the state level. I was wondering as I read this why the people that were behind this program weren't mentioned? I have been a member of the Superior Trap and Gun Club for over 40 years and I know what kind of quality club it is.

The club tried to get a high school team for two years before it finally happened and we have had the high school team for two years now. There needed to be many phone calls and meetings to get this arranged. The people at the club that help run the league are not paid and the reason they do this is because they want kids to enjoy the sport of shooting and hopefully get them into hunting and other outdoor sports.

Rick Washkuhn has been running a junior league at our club for about 14 years and does a fine job of teaching gun safety and proper shooting techniques. However, that has been decreasing in numbers lately. Therefore, it is great to see the high school league happening.

So, let's congratulate the guys who did a lot of the teaching during the high school league, along with making sure the club house was ready for these fine, young members: Mike Wedan, Eric Flood, Rich Washkuhn, Jason Larson, Carl Vanna, Erik Winkler, Eric Peterson and anyone else that helped to lend a hand. Also, a big thank you to all the parents that allowed their child to participate in this great sport and back them.

We should also congratulate all the youth shooters that participated in the high school league and the state competition. We are all very proud of them.

Kirk D. Krause,