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Get facts on health care

It is important for the citizens of Wisconsin to be fully informed on the issues of health care and prescription medicine. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know the truth.

A group of Wisconsin residents has formed an organization devoted to seeking facts and truth regarding healthcare, health insurance and making this information available to the public. Our group is PATH — Public Access to Health Care.

Many have experienced confusion, distress and anger regarding the costs of health care, lack of transparency about most aspects of healthcare, including its costs, the premiums for insurance, and the difficulty in comparing costs and in obtaining accurate information regarding health insurance coverage.

In addition, many of us have found that keeping up with statements, explanations of benefits and

other health care-related paperwork is burdensome. Dealing with insurance companies when they deny coverage, require prior authorizations, or invoke “networks” to bar us from access to health care providers causes many people to give up and not seek medical care.

PATH seeks to provide facts and truth. We aim to provide facts regarding the items mentioned above as well as truthful conclusions about health care and health insurance — our conclusions are based on careful research and evidence rather than on whim or party politics. We wish to promote accountability, transparency and accuracy among health care providers, health insurance companies and makers of public health care policy.

To learn about PATH and to find truthful information regarding health care, visit or write us at

Glenn Potts, River Falls, Wis.