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Overpopulation is a real threat

I have finally found some common ground with President Trump. Immigration must be slowed down. Our population figures projected ahead are scary. We’ve got to cut back before our resources for mankind are decimated. Fresh water, nutrients from the soils, mineral and other resources humans require are already the cause of wars.

Luckily for Americans, most of those wars are being fought in distant lands, but we are involved with troops, drones, etc. It isn’t difficult for us to see the terrible results such as we do see in pictures of happenings in crowded sections of Africa and large sections of India. We must see that the United States of America’s population stays within bounds of human demands.

I’m not in favor of our president’s expensive wall. We know from past experience of our own and around the world that people fly over walls and dig under walls without serious problems. How would we control the oceans on both sides and the southern and northern borders? We need to get real, and we can’t ignore it much longer.Bernie Hughes,