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A well-rounded education

It's been called the doughnut and the circle; it has a link and it has been a part of the Superior community for over 50 years. Reflecting on the Superior High School building reveals so much more than a building with a unique design that served as a high school and a modern identity for Superior.

It's time has come and gone but the unique physical symbolism of the product within its walls makes Superior a community to be proud of. It is because of the dedication of all associated with education in Superior and the makeup of a community that is proven resourceful, proud, value conscious, industrious, experienced and wise that we have so much ongoing potential. We have taken another step forward to maintain and improve the secret sauce of sustaining and growing a quality community.

That secret sauce is a mixture of the unique human abilities we all have and our determination to improve, coupled with education, safe and modern facilities, mentors, challenges, opportunity and investment.

Superior has it all and our best days are ahead of us.