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Baldwin stands with veterans

I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran. Because I live more than 40 miles or more from the nearest VA hospital, I am allowed to see local physicians in the Twin Ports. I have seen many in the last few years. All of these physicians have helped me a lot.

The problem arises when these medical facilities are to be paid. The VA is very lax in paying its bills. I keep getting annoying phone messages that my bills are not being paid. Even going as far as credit bureaus calling me. Finally, I had enough.

I contacted U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., and she immediately took charge. Sen. Baldwin contacted the VA, informed them of my problem, and the problem was solved. Sen. Baldwin has also assisted some of my fellow veterans also. She is very productive at her job.

In conclusion, I would like all my fellow veterans and their families to support Sen. Baldwin. I am proud to say I know her.