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Earned sick and safe time

To assert that Superior is welcoming, and eager to accept the "ousted" businesses of a community trying to raise the bar not only paints us as bottom-feeders — irresponsible, and morally bankrupt — it's blatantly offensive.

We'd like to raise wages and benefits, not drive them down with a competitive race to the bottom.

The Twin Ports knows a unity not seen in decades, this is no time for divisive, predatory economic decisions.

In one breath, we cite Duluth's growth and numbers, and want to siphon their traffic and dollars; and in the next, we ridicule their leadership?

We're independent municipalities and should make decisions accordingly; ultimately, we benefit as the Twin Ports. We ask them to be good neighbors, so shall we practice. Many that work there, live here, attend our schools, shop local — our literal next door neighbors.

I've been a tireless advocate for employees, but that is not solely reserved for a male-dominated industry, such as unions. All sectors and employees reap benefits for entire communities. Particularly, the service and hospitality sectors. Housing, retail and education are all beneficiaries from practices that are reasonable and responsible.

In the midst of all this discussion, analysis and rhetoric, there are real people hanging in the balance — being cognizant of that demonstrates respect for the process and the human condition.

However this shakes out, I stand in solidarity with the countless teachers fighting for this ordinance, the kiddos quarantined to part-time nurse's offices, sexual and domestic assault survivors, and the hardworking families doing their best to make ends meet.