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Two degrees saves tons

If nine-out-of-10 pediatricians said your child needed to cut back on "X" to survive, would you side with the one doctor who said, "Nonsense"? Or would you hedge your bets and follow the assessment made by the overwhelming majority?

The same applies to global climate change. The overwhelming majority — 97-of-100 climate scientists, consider the pace of global climate change to be life-threatening for future generations. If only to hedge our bets, the odds would suggest that we take steps to counter global climate change.

Small adjustments in how we do things can make a difference. And, there are numerous ways to do it. For example, imagine the savings if every other household in the U.S. chose to turn down their heater's thermostat two degrees. Researchers at Texas A&M estimate that lowering home heating temps by just two degrees avoids a ton (2,000 pounds) of carbon put into the atmosphere, for each household. If every other home in the U.S. did this, the national carbon output would be reduced by about 62 million tons annually. Plus, folks would see a lower energy bill.

Hedge your bets. Give it a go for the kids.