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Peterson ready to serve hometown

On April 3, voters from the 9th District have the opportunity to elect Jessica Peterson to the Superior City Council, and I'm writing to encourage them to do so. I've known Jess for five years as a former colleague, and as a friend. During those years I've come to admire her intelligence, commitment to community and desire to serve.

Superior faces issues common to many American cities including the need for continued economic growth, safe and affordable housing, food access, and concerns about roads, bridges and public safety. Superior is also facing serious and growing threats from alcohol, opioid and meth addiction, and related increases in property crime, violence and poverty. These are complicated issues that require smart solutions from dedicated public officials. Jess has the skills to tackle these issues — skills like strategic thinking and the ability to develop and carry out effective plans. Jess knows that to bring about meaningful change, you must respect the traditions and foundations of the past while finding new ways to tackle problems. She also knows that we can't work together if we can't find common ground, and so she is dedicated to polite and respectful discussion. She is both well spoken and a good listener. Jess has spent her career speaking up for kids, families and public safety. She understands the need to engage with the community to best solve its issues.

Public service is hard, and yet, Jess has a passion to serve and in particular, to serve her hometown. She and her husband are happy to be raising their young son in the city where they both grew up. As Superior High School graduates, they have a deep appreciation for everything that Superior has to offer.

If you haven't met Jess, take the time to get to know her on social media,, then cast your vote to elect Jess Peterson to City Council.