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Re-elect Kern for 9th District

Having grown up and being raised in Billings Park, I know the small town feel that permeates throughout Billings Park. It was a special place for families to grow and raise their kids, and still is.

Keith Kern, like myself, was raised in that environment. He understands the importance of knowing your neighbors, helping your neighbors and doing what is best for your neighbors.

As the current city councilor in the 9th District, he has shown and proven that his childhood upbringing still holds those values true. As a business owner, he treats and knows his customers as friends and neighbors, because they are. He has also played a significant role in bringing Billings Park Days back to a reality, which has been lauded and applauded by the community as a whole.

Most importantly, as city councilor, he brings a needed vision, fiscal approach and common sense that not only his constituents appreciate, but benefits the city as a whole.

I would strongly encourage the residents of the 9th City Council District to support and re-elect Keith Kern on April 3.