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Jurors make justice work

Trial by jury is a fundamental right protected by the United States and the Wisconsin constitutions. Hence, the American judicial process simply could not function without our jurors.

Serving on a jury is one of the few ways in which ordinary citizens participate directly in our democracy.

During the past year, 1,561 Douglas County residents were summoned to jury duty locally. In recognition of those citizens who have answered the call for jury duty, courts throughout the state of Wisconsin have designated September as Juror Appreciation Month.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those citizens who have performed this civic duty while protecting the constitutional rights of all people. The American judicial system could not function without our jurors.

Thank you jurors (past and future) for your personal sacrifices and continued commitment to our local system of justice. Your service as jurors helps to make this community the wonderful place that it is to work and live.

Judge George Glonek,

Judge Kelly Thimm,

Clerk of Courts Michele Wick, Douglas County Circuit Court