I’ve seen firsthand the resilience of the people of Northern Wisconsin.

Our ability to weather any storm and come together to ensure that nobody is left behind is what makes the people of our region “Superior!” Together we have transformed our economy and created opportunities for the next generation to thrive in this beautiful region we call home. Today however, our society is facing one of the greatest challenges of our times.

Over 1,300 of our friends and neighbors are dead. Businesses shuttered and thousands are unemployed due to COVID-19. It didn’t have to be this way.

Across all levels of government, Republican politicians have abandoned us, our front-line workers, nurses, doctors and business owners. Rather than listening to public health experts and trusting science, Republicans chose to politicize this virus that has killed our jobs and loved ones.

Make no mistake, this was a combination of inaction and constant undermining of efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

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For months, many of our friends and neighbors have struggled to navigate the Wisconsin Unemployment System that over the last decade has been intentionally underfunded by the Republican controlled Legislature.

For over 170 days, the Republican controlled Legislature has sat on their hands and failed to call us back into session to address the needs of small businesses, fix the unemployment system, or offer any sense of a plan to slow the spread of the virus.

Because of this failure of leadership, Wisconsin is now seeing the highest rate of infections in the entire nation.

We deserve better. Government has a primary responsibility to protect people and we need elected officials that are willing to put politics aside and work together to solve our most pressing issues.

As one of only a handful of veterans and the only scientist in the Wisconsin Legislature, I know we need more elected officials that think like scientists and less like politicians. Protecting public health and supporting small businesses and workers that are struggling, through no fault of their own, are the priorities that I believe are most pressing.

That’s why I’m all in for providing funding and the resources that health care workers need during this global pandemic and getting relief to 30,000 small businesses in Wisconsin. We need leaders who understand what it means to lead and work for our families here in Northern Wisconsin, not put politics over people.

I am a problem solver who listens to all sides and makes decisions based on input and analysis, not emotion. This is the approach I have always taken as your representative. I know that good ideas don’t come with party labels. That is why I am one of the few that have gotten things done under both Democratic and Republican-controlled Legislatures and governors.

I have a proven record of working with both parties to deliver results for our region. It would be an honor to have your support to continue fighting for our fair share and our shared values. I am humbly asking for your vote on Nov. 3 to ensure we have representation that puts our best interests first and thinks more like a scientist and less like a politician.

Rep. Nick Milroy, D-South Range, represents the state's 73rd Assembly District.