I've got a favor to ask you guys - more on that later - but first, a quick story.

It was roughly this time 18 years ago. I had moved to a city where I knew absolutely no one. I think I may have been here to turn around after a trip across that scary big bridge during one of our family trips to Duluth when I was little.

So here I was, fresh out of college, living in Superior and desperately wanting to move back home. So of course, I called my mom to tell her my decision.

"Give it six months. If you don't like it after six months, you can come back," she told me.

Well, it's over 18 years later and I'm still here - good advice, I guess. Obviously, mother knew best.

Now, fast-forward to today. This Sunday, people all over America will be celebrating their mothers. People will go on picnics, go out to eat, give flowers, give fancy presents or homemade gifts from the heart.

Now, here comes my favor: I'm asking you to turn off your computer, your TV, put down your phone for even a half-hour and spend some quality time with you mom or mother-like figure. Give her your undivided attention, some actual quality time.

On Sunday, May 12, Mother's Day, it will be exactly three months to the day that I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. I watched her battle with strength, grace and humor as cancer robbed her of the things she loved to do and ultimately, her life.

So, in the last 18 years, if you, your relatives, your neighbors or your friends have ever had a photograph in the pages of the Telegram, I know who you can thank: my mom. But I would love it if you thanked yours instead.

Happy Mother's Day.

Jed Carlson is a photographer for the Superior Telegram.