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Letter: 'People's Budget' targets critical challenges

The people of Wisconsin want problems solved that have been put off for years and have elected Governor Evers to solve them. His People's Budget attacks the most critical challenges of our time: anti-democracy, inequality and climate change.

Automatic voter registration for every Wisconsin citizen who reaches age 18, nonpartisan voting redistricting and easier voter ID regulations advance citizens' right to a representative democracy.

Inequality is lessened by increasing the minimum wage, re-establishing a prevailing wage and the right of unions to charge workers for services.

A fairer income tax system cuts welfare to millionaires, provides working families with a 10 percent tax cut, and increases the earned income tax credit.

Enlarging Medicaid by accepting our federal tax money improves lives of 82,000 Badgers. Improved Pre-K12 school and university funding provides children and adults a path to success.

Governor Evers' goal of producing all electricity carbon free by 2050 helps preserve a livable planet, as do programs cutting building energy use, and encouraging use of electric automobiles and renewable energy production. An Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy, bringing science back to the DNR, and solving immediate water problems improve the lives of many Badgers.

Other efforts are needed to solve these three massive, complex problems but Governor Evers' budget request begins the process. The people of Wisconsin have spoken to shape the People's Budget. We all need to keep speaking to our state legislators to tell them to pass this plan to improve life for Wisconsinites.

Bill Dagnon

Baraboo, Wis.