It's impossible to escape liberal hypocrisy. The most recent outrageous example of this is their outrage over the death of a young child who died while in the custody of ICE at the Mexican border. He became sick while his mother was bringing him across the border illegally along with the hundreds of thousands of other illegal aliens.

This was the fifth death of child who was in the custody of ICE in the last few years. Some liberals in Congress have actually accused the administration of deliberately killing these children. They are outraged over this child's death while they have absolutely no concern over the thousands of people brutally killed, many of them children, by MS-13 gang members.

These gang members, who President Trump correctly calls "animals" and Nancy Pelosi calls "God's children," are protected by sanctuary city policies supported by liberals. The latest example of this is the death of a 14-year-old girl who was beaten to death by these "Children of God" in Maryland several days ago.

One could easily say that liberals are willing to accept the deaths of innocent Americans in order to protect MS-13 gang members.

Robert White