You need to write to your representative and senators right now! Encourage them to support the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which is co-sponsored in the House by Republicans Francis Rooney, Brian Fitzpatrick and Dave Trott and Democrats Ted Deutch, Charlie Christ and John Delaney, and in the Senate by senators Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Chris Coons, D-Del. It will be reintroduced in the next Congress, again with bipartisan co-sponsors.

The bill will assess a steadily rising pollution fee on fossil fuels and return all the net revenue equitably to households as monthly dividend payments. The cost of the carbon fee will be borne by the companies, which produce the product that causes the carbon pollution.

It will cost each individual a small amount when he or she buys gasoline, oil, coal, natural gas, electricity, etc., but that cost will be paid back in a carbon dividend with about two-thirds of households receiving a dividend greater than their increased energy costs.

This will make us all aware of how much we are polluting our planet, and incentivize us to reduce our contribution.

Global warming pollution would fall by 40 percent in the first 12 years. We all need to get on board right now. The climate crisis is too urgent to get caught up in partisan politics and this bipartisan bill has support of both Republicans and Democrats.

We may not be here to witness the most severe consequences of our present actions, but our children or grandchildren will be. I don't think any of us wish them an ill fate.

Contact Congressman Sean Duffy (202-225-3365) and senators Ron Johnson (202-224-5323) and Tammy Baldwin (202-224-5653) and encourage them to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Dale Crisler

Rice Lake