In response to state Sen. Janet Bewley, D-25th District, ("Legislators put themselves before Wisconsin residents," Opinion, Dec. 14 Telegram), I have two items to point out.

Our current president and Congress passed legislation and signed into law changes in the Affordable Care Act. There is no longer a mandate for citizens to purchase health insurance. Anyone can take personal responsibility for their own health and health insurance. There are no victims here except by their own design.

If someone has a pre-existing condition, that's not the government's fault or responsibility.

If someone wants good health insurance, buy it. It's called free market.

If someone wants good health, choose it. It's called liberty.

Your Democratic Party is the one selling the snake oil. I myself have the option of purchasing health insurance on, which will cost me $0 in monthly premiums because the government will pay over $1000 per month on my behalf, given my income.

If I chose to purchase it on my own, it costs me about $800 per month for $1.5 million in coverage.

Why is the government paying more for less insurance? Because tax dollars are paying for the health care costs of my fellow citizens with pre-existing conditions.

Your Democratic Party continually creates government dependence instead of promoting personal responsibility and preventive measures with regard to health and human services.

Secondly, our state government currently exists of a Republican-controlled Assembly and Senate. Our current governor is a Republican. The new administration will not be in power until next year. That's reality. It's not a matter of opinion.

The legislation they pass is law until new officials take an oath of office. Republicans in power are doing their job to protect the taxpayers of Wisconsin. It's a guarantee that the new governor will propose raising taxes as a means to fund his plan for larger government.

That's lame, and there's no ducking it.


Jeff Monaghan