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Do your civic duty

" ... perhaps our most essential freedom is the ability to participate in government."

— Alex Marshall

We are free to govern ourselves. Our founders realized we didn't need a king, emperor, or strong man to rule over us; therefore, all citizens have a responsibility to actively participate in our self-government.

Feb. 20 is the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary election; all citizens need to ask of the candidates if they support the:

* Wisconsin Constitution's requirement that we provide free and uniform public schools for all children?

* Wisconsin Constitution's requirement that our state protect Wisconsin waters under the public trust doctrine?

* State government's obligation to protect and facilitate every citizen's freedom to vote and have their vote count?

* Freedom of local, democratically elected government officials to determine their local government?

* Freedom of citizens to form associations to advocate for fair wages, hours, working conditions of their employers?

* Rights of human beings over that of corporations and wealth?

Ask your own questions about your government protecting your freedom and rights.

Do your duty as an American citizen. Learn about the candidates for Supreme Court, research their qualifications and views, decide on who will best uphold our American values and vote Tuesday.