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McCabe closer to lead than Sanders in early poll

The Jan. 11 WisPolitics poll of likely Democratic voters shows progressive candidate for Wisconsin governor, Mike McCabe, only 24 percentage points out of the lead.

A March 18, 2015, CNN poll of likely Democratic voters showed progressive candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, a seemingly insurmountable 59 percentage points out of the Democratic presidential primary lead.

Still, Sanders' campaign brought the country to its feet, especially in Wisconsin.

With a people-powered campaign and message, McCabe supporters have every reason to be optimistic and empowered by the opportunity to wrestle control of Wisconsin's government from its current taxpayer-subsidized, corporate owners.

While McCabe faces the same money-is-everything mentality of many state Democratic leaders during the primary, he does not face a stacked deck loaded with superdelegates. Comparing the primary candidates' positions reveals a big difference between McCabe and others. McCabe's belief that shared values are a reason to vote for him — not merely against the current corrupt regime.

Wisconsinites deserve the opportunity to vote for their own future with their eyes wide open, head held high and nose unplugged Aug. 14.