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Veteran begins 40th year with Salvation Army

Today, Jan. 1, 2018, is a special day for me. I had Rev. Andrew Ricci of Cathedral Church of Superior come to my house and give me holy confession and Holy Communion. Also, I began my 40th year with the Salvation Army in my hometown, volunteering.

I am very proud to say this, as this is what our Lord and Savior taught us when he was on earth: Feed my sheep.

The Salvation Army is really in the battle to feed the hungry. We have a food shelf, soap bar and pet pantry along with our thrift store on Belknap Street.

When I came home after service to our country in the U.S. Navy, they gave me a bag of food, blanket, as I couldn't get food stamps because of their guidelines. They said "You get a pension," but it took nearly four years of medical boards.

The Salvation Army corps saved my life.

Indeed, in my career with them I drove bus, van, big yellow truck, rang bells, picked up money, counted money, deposited it and ran the food shelf. Out in Patzau country with the farmers my friends, the Salvation Army helps after tragic storms, fires and any and all hardships life can throw at us humans which are life-changing.

One day you have a job, a house, a life. In an instant, it's gone due to storms and stuff you have no control of. I've met many people and told many how your donations and the resources it helps put in place to help in time of need.

They also have RBA for the young kids as this teaches them skills of communicating and working together to achieve a goal.

They will also pray with you any time and to me that's very important, as they do and represent the works of our Lord. And I'm so grateful to be able to serve them and their cause to ease the sufferings of our city. Nationwide their representation is 100 percent real.

With the utmost respect for the Salvation Army at 916 Hughitt Ave., I'm the son of the late Morley Muggs Hartson and my mom Florence Esther Cooke Hartson Bachand of Superior.