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World problems need addressing

The following are very serious problems of our world today. They are not only serious now, but threaten to grow worse if unattended.

Overpopulation may not be a threat in the U.S., but it is becoming worse in other parts of the world. The greater population problems become elsewhere, the more our still open spaces become to an world's overcrowded world. In spite of religious doctrine, we need to reduce pregnancies by making birth control easier and abortions less onerous.

We actually need fewer people now with increasing use of robots. Mechanism has now become so readily available that human labor is threatened. What will be the answer?

Scotland is trying a new program, issuing basic income checks to those who face the lack of work. (There were similar worries when computers came on the scene, but more risk taking and new businesses did more than make up the difference).

Immigration will need to be more seriously considered, not only protecting borders, but monitoring arrivals by plane and boat.

The super wealthy will need to learn to live with higher taxes if we are to deal with the new issues of technological disruption and longstanding ones like deterioration of our infrastructure. Some of their grandeur will need to be given up, and they will learn to live simpler, but very comfortable lives.

As Rana Foroohar, made the case for higher taxes in the May 22 issue of the Financial Times: "If the past few decades have shown us anything, it is that as the rich have got richer, they have not created higher trend growth for the economy overall." She went on to say: "In fact, the biggest growth surge in recent memory happened during the Bill Clinton years in the 1990s, against a backdrop of rising tax rates."

With our inequality growing, we can't keep cutting taxes for those with high incomes.

We can direct our governmental efforts toward improving the U.S.A. and greatly spend less on war gadgetry. Our infrastructure is in terrible condition. Mechanism has not directed its attention. The military industrial complex, as President Eisenhower warned, has been in charge for too long. Will we ever learn?

For most of us, these changes will not be earth shaking. For the wealthy elite, it will be earth shattering in the early stages.

Perhaps the Golden Rule could become the rule for all of us: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

That makes sense to this 93-year-old looking to the future for his three children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.