How will it end?


Is the end coming nearer?

For an old curmudgeon like me, the end isn't too far away any way. True Perspective is caring for this 90ish-year-old couple — I will soon be 94 — so the end can't be that far away, in any case.

What's my point today?

War has become to be the costliest financial endeavor for most U.S. politicians. President Eisenhower, previously a World War II general, warned us years ago when he said in his farewell address: "We are led, line, hook and sinker by the military industrial complex."

Now, a small foreign nation leader has developed a nuclear bomb, a tactic that could lead us into World War III. And this one, may very well never be repeated.

Why am I worried right now? Our current president could face charges of impeachment and this could be a daring strategy for him.

What caused me to write these words today. A local poet, Bud Brand wrote the following poem that he titled "Termination."

When armies fight

with nuclear flashes

all too soon

the world

will be ashes.

Those very few words say what could be a frightful finish for our world, and it is far from words in a brief poem. We have developed increasingly frightful techniques to kill our earthly fellows, but this could well be our coup de gras.