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Public should know the cost

Everyday, I read where a legislator is charged or is resigning over sexual misconduct. Now we are finding that taxpayers' money is used for settlements.

Yet at the Wisconsin state level they have decided not to reveal names of accusers supposedly to protect the accusers. That is a total farce but a simple solution is to ask the accusers if their names can be used.

I would also suggest the amount of money used to settle these cases be made public even if names are not revealed. Why should I as a taxpayer not have the right to know this information?

Just as lawsuits arising out of recall protests, we have no idea what the settlements have been. The governor and attorney general make a big deal out of more transparency but hide information.

How about Lincoln Hills and amount paid out or what lawsuits have been filed?

I see more legislators or staff resigning at the federal level but what about the state level?

I would like to know information before I vote for anyone.