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Equal rights for women overdue

Isn't it about time that women have equal rights by a constitutional amendment? Women finally received the right to vote in 1920, but equal rights — no, no, no.

The legal data is too much for restatement here, but some for brief review of the history of the Equal Rights Amendment:

* First introduced to Congress in 1923.

* Ratified by Congress in 1972.

* ERA was extended to states for ratification in April 1972; by March 1977 only 35 of the necessary 38 states passed. Five states later rescinded ratification.

* For local citizens, Wisconsin ratified the amendment April 26, 1972, and Minnesota on Feb. 8, 1973.

But, in a country that claims to be a democracy in which all subjects are prudently treated, the job still remains to be done.

There were many positions that justified disapproval by citizens such as believing women would have to fight wars or they would have to become the family breadwinners. But many of those so-called negatives have occurred nonetheless. Women are, or should be, citizens in our nation with full-fledged equal rights.

The recent hubbub of on-the-job sexual harassment highlights loud and clear the need for an Equal Rights Amendment.

With the harassment charges and punitive outcomes for practitioners, maybe now it is time to go all the way on equal rights. Can you think of any legitimate reason not to?