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Debate substance, not symbols

Our Country is divided over the symbols that represent us and the substance that makes us Americans.

You are all respectively right, and this conversation is wrong.

I am disgusted by the NFL protests with kneeling because it starts an important conversation with an artificial division within our current political revolution. We aren't even debating the same thing.

This is a debate about symbols rather than substance — what being an American means. I do not agree with kneeling in protest during the national anthem, but I respect my fellow American's constitutional right to freedom of speech. I respect their right the same way they should respect my constitutional right to bear arms.

The unity that the NFL should be seeking is supporting our U.S. Constitution, and then having a frank and honest conversation about race under that pretense. How we choose to demonstrate our American pride is not even relevant here. You have the right to demonstrate your American pride however you want to as long as it does not harm anyone.

Both sides are demonstrating their pride in their own respective way, which is as American as it can possibly get. Our flag and anthem will no longer have the same great meaning without the U.S. Constitution giving us the power to exercise our rights as citizens.

Beware of too much pride; it usually goes before fall.