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Bender declares council candidacy

Labor Day is a perfect time to honor the men and women who have worked to create the great country in which we live.

On Memorial Day, May 29, we honored the veterans and others who have fallen and thus it is on Labor Day when we honored the laborers who have built the United States of America. I am proud to say that I am a member of Education Minnesota retired and a lifetime member of American Federation of Teacher Wisconsin retired.

It is, now, the day after Labor Day, that I announce my candidacy for one more term on the Superior City Council.

I have served for nine years under three different mayors — Dave Ross, Bruce Hagen and now Jim Paine. All these mayors have different leadership styles and I have learned much from all of them and will continue to learn much from Jim Paine. His positive leadership style will well serve the blossoming of Superior and Douglas County. Businesses are moving to Superior and more will follow.

Better City Superior, when passed by the state Legislature and signed by the governor, will keep our city on the path to being truly superior.

Tower Avenue looks great and so will Belknap Street by fall of 2018.

Starting, Dec. 1, I will be at every door in the 3rd District to deliver the Bender Bulletin and ask for the citizens' support by signing my nomination papers. Thank you in advance.