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Imagine only one paper

The mostly blank front page of the Telegram told me that I should "Imagine a week without local news." I have imagined it, and so should you. It's really easy if you try.

Superiorites get the news delivered to their doorstep two days a week. The other five days you might as well just imagine that you received a newspaper where every page is blank.

By squeezing our news into two days a week, you force us to seek out other news sources. As we find the other sources, it seems that we need you less and less.

Many Superiorites also receive the Duluth News Tribune. There are some Superior stories in the News Tribune; in fact, they're typically the exact same story that appeared or will appear eventually in the Telegram.

The Telegram and News Tribune are owned by the same company. Why not just cut to the chase and have one newspaper? Maybe call it the Twin Ports Tribune Telegram, or some such nonsense. Every day, one of the two- to four-page sections of the combined paper could be all about Superior, much like the News Tribune now includes a national news section from USA Today. The Superior section would be timely, still include targeted ads, letters from Superior residents, and just overall make a great deal of sense. Maybe that's the rub.

Borrowing from John Lennon:

Imagine there's no Telly

It's easy if you try

No birdcage liners

No obit if you die

Imagine all the people

Buying the Tribune ... Aha-ah

Imagine there's one paper

I wonder if you can

Only a bridge divides us

That we can easily span

Imagine all the people

Wrapping fish the same ... You ...

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday they'll join up

And the Twin Ports will read as one