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U.S. not so innocent

Maher Arar, a Syrian born engineer, and citizen of Canada, during a stopover at JFK Airport was arrested, held incommunicado in solitary for nearly two weeks; then was put on a plane to a Syrian prison.

The Syrian government was supplied with questions from the Canadian equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency and/or our CIA. After a year of questioning and torture, the Syrian government told us we kidnapped an innocent man and returned him to Canada. He sued the Canadian government and was awarded $10.5 million.

He then sued the U.S. government but lost in two lower courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his case.

Syrian forces fought alongside U.S. Troops in Iraq, 1991. No problem when they were with us, killing people we wanted killed. Then there was the reported Assad gassing of civilians, which looks fishy. As for chemical weapons, the Chemical Weapons Convention was passed in the 1990s and it took us 15 years to destroy most of our (not all) stockpiles almost all done in the deserts of Utah.

My question is: since we are too civilized to use them, why did we build so many or any at all? Thousands of tons were paid for with our money.

Just a reminder — that we are the only nation to use atomic weapons on a civilian population. We are the world's major culprit when it deals with the use of napalm, which obviously is much more humane than chemical weapons. Also, I don't know what we called Agent Orange, but guilty or not, shame on the Syrian government.