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Inconsistent policy causes confusion

In January, I moved into an apartment here owned by the Superior Housing Authority, a complex of five fourplexes called Idziorek Manor.

It's a nice place with a generous lawn and sidewalks as well as a sheltered picnic table on a concrete slab. Each unit in a four plex has a private patio but the picnic table is a community area. The only problem with it is smokers have taken it over. They sit out there and smoke.

There is no where in the lease that states that it's a designated smoking area nor are any signs posted to say it is. On a separate sheet of paper that all residents were given is the SHA smoke free policy. The policy states that all community areas are smoke free but the SHA tells tenants they can sit out there and smoke.

The smoke free policy also states that one must be 15 feet from a building to smoke. However in a March 2017, SHA newsletter, tenants are told to be 25 feet from any building while smoking. The smoke free policy also states that an offender of the policy gets a five-day notice of lease termination for the first offense and a 14-day notice for the second offense.

After receiving the March newsletter with contradictory information, I wrote to Laura Hursh, executive director, for clarification. As of now I have not received a reply.

Most of the smokers here are inconsiderate of nonsmokers and disregard the smoke free policy. I see them smoking out on their patios and a few times last winter, I have found the laundry room to be filled with cigarette smoke. Smokers who moved into this complex before Feb. 1, 2015, are permitted to smoke in their apartment.

On July 1, 2018, it will be federal law that all Housing and Urban Development-assisted apartments and campuses must be smoke free. Many HUD complexes have realized the health hazard of second hand smoke and have been smoke free for a few years now. But SHA obviously has no concern for the health of nonsmokers, after all, they allow smokers in community areas, and have goofy contradictions concerning smoking.

I don't know about you but I don't care to eat my lunch at a picnic table and inhale secondhand smoke nor smell the putrid stench from coffee cans filled with water and cigarette butts.