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Grandstanding doesn't serve the people

Political bias demonstrated by Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., is a disappointment. Failing to show up for committee meetings as political theater is unacceptable.

Initially refusing to meet with the Supreme Court nominee was uncivil. Although not without precedence — I understand the angst about Obama's nominee not receiving a hearing — but snubbing Trump's nominee as political payback is childish.

Judge Neil Gorsuch's credentials are equal to, if not greater than, those of Judge Merrick Garland who Sen. Baldwin totally favored. Judge Gorsuch received 100 percent approval on his previous nomination for the 10th circuit court.

By failing to consider Judge Gorsuch's resume and merits, she is disregarding and disrespecting the vote and strong sentiment of many of her constituents. This kind of arrogance and obstructionism needs to stop.

It is time that the interest of the American people in general, and Wisconsinites in particular, trump her political grandstanding.

Editor's note: Sen. Tammy Baldwin did meet with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Feb. 16.