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Congressional GOP need to keep promise

When Bill Clinton was in office, the sentiment arose that everyone had the right to own a home.

Thus the Affordable Housing Act, enacted under George H.W. Bush, was promoted by Clinton. Banks were rewarded for issuing loans to low-income folks. Banks were punished if they did not make those loans.

People jumped on the bandwagon. Housing prices soared. People were approved for loans they really could not afford.

The process continued but after George W. Bush was in office, the housing bubble popped.

Home values declined. People were now under water with their mortgages. They defaulted. Dreams were destroyed. Family finances were ruined. Banks failed.

What appeared to be a noble idea devastated many individuals and businesses. Democrats initiated it. Republicans failed to address it.

Fast forward to today. Once again, a sentiment arose but this time it was that everyone has the right to health care. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was enacted. People jumped on the bandwagon, wanting free health care. Insurance companies were incentivized to participate.

Just as the housing bubble popped, Obamacare is about to implode.

Insurance companies and hospitals are opting out because they are losing money. Premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Coverage has declined. People are being penalized for not participating. The IRS has control of health care rather than the patient.

Democrats initiated it. Republicans need to address it.

Now is the time for Republicans to repeal this law before it causes great ruin. It is a dereliction of duty if they fail to act quickly. Repeal completely, then replace.

Republicans have had seven years to come up with a replacement plan. They should be prepared to act. I call on Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and Sean Duffy to not violate the trust we placed in them. Quit talking repair. You gave us your word that you would fully repeal, and then replace Obamacare. No more stall tactics. We expect you to act now.