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Following through on promises

President Trump has been working very hard on behalf of America. In his first six weeks, he has met with business leaders on a weekly basis, including leaders in big business, small business, manufacturing, miners, technology and service industries. He is listening to what they need from the government to create more jobs.

Instead of introducing a jobs bill touting shovel-ready jobs that do not exist, he has worked with Ford, Carrier, Sprint, Lockheed, Intel, GM and Wal-Mart, to name a few, who have either already brought jobs back or have committed to invest billions in creating new jobs.

He has opened the way for the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines again creating more jobs. And he has stipulated that such pipelines must use American steel, which impacts even more jobs. And he is reducing regulations that cripple businesses from creating jobs.

Since his election $3 trillion in value has been added to the stock market. The Pentagon negotiated on the price of the F-35 fighter jet saving us $600 million. He has a hiring freeze on nonmilitary and nonessential federal jobs again saving us money.

He is also looking out for our safety, which is the primary purpose of government. He directed the Department of Justice to form a task force on reducing violent crime. He also ordered the departments of Homeland Security and State to draft a strategy to dismantle crime and drug cartels that destroy our communities. He supports our military, and is working to protect our border.

He has reaffirmed our alliance with Israel.

He has appointed an undeniably qualified candidate for the Supreme Court.

He is actually keeping his promises and accomplishing things at a breathtaking pace. He is looking out for us. May he have continued great success as he strives to make America great again.