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Political abuse ends with Trump

In my 20 plus year career, I served under several different supervisors, managers, directors and vice presidents. They each had different management styles, goals and desired outcomes.

For a short period of time, I had a supervisor and director who were misguided — in my nicely-worded opinion — in their management style. By her own admission, the director said she would "beat us into submission" if that is what it took.

That style of management was counterproductive and lead us to the point of revolt. After about eight months and much consternation, she was dismissed. When asked how we were doing, I said we felt like abused children who had been set free.

I tell you that to say this: The past eight years has been a period where many of us felt politically abused. We endured a president who did not speak for us but rather against us. When we voiced concerns we were labeled phobic at best and deplorable at worst. The administration and media tried to shame us into submission with accusations of being intolerant or politically incorrect. We faced confrontation on all sides. Our deeply held beliefs have been discounted, disrespected, dismissed and even demeaned.

We could take it no longer. The arrogance and apathy of the last administration lead us to revolt.

With the inauguration of Donald Trump, we feel like abused children who have been set free. No longer will we cower to the liberal left. No longer will we be shouted down. No longer will we adhere to irresponsible even reprehensible fiscal and social policies. We, the People, demand to have a government that works for us and with us, not against us. We invite common sense to become common again.

President Trump was the most unlikely person to become our champion. We are reinvigorated by his dedication, determination, drive and direction. We appreciate having a president who works not only full days but full weeks. With no political appointees, his selection of cabinet members is extraordinary. It has been refreshing to have a president take immediate action to keep promises made during the election process.

We are not the only ones giddy with hope. The confidence of businesses is evidenced by the "Trump Bump" in the Dow Jones. And America has gained respect in the world.

British Prime Minister Theresa May in commending the election of Donald Trump stated that an "emboldened and confident America is good for the world." In his first week, President Trump has done more for America than the last administration did in its entire tenure.