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Mixed bag of weather for the Fourth of July weekend
Thu Jun 30 17:00:00 EDT 2022
  We kick off this holiday weekend with a breeze for most of Minnesota out of the northwest on Friday. Expect light winds and a comfortable arrival to the lakes of North Dakota Friday evening. Saturday won't be a hot day, but expect a mix of 70s and 80s across the region. I'm seeing a few interruptions in the form of showers and scattered thunderstorms throughout the midday, afternoon, and evening hours. 

Sunday is looking like the pick day of the extended weekend. Highs won't be all that hot, but still comfortable and warm for some. Winds don't look all that strong either.

Northland Outdoors ambassador shares his deer hunting passion
Tue Jun 28 08:00:00 EDT 2022
Northland Outdoors ambassador Alex Comstock, who operates the blog, joins host Chad Koel to discuss deer hunting, the outdoors and more.

Cooler temperatures for the weekend
Thu Jun 23 17:04:19 EDT 2022
Stronger winds will be in the Dakotas on Saturday with a quieter day coming on Sunday.

What's going on at Lake of the Woods?
Wed Jun 22 12:00:00 EDT 2022
In this episode of the Northland Outdoors Podcast, Joe Henry, executive director of Lake of the Woods Tourism who earlier this year earned “Tourism Professional of the Year” in Minnesota, joins host Chad Koel to discuss access issues, flooding, COVID-19 protocols at the border, and of course, fishing on Lake of the Woods.

Find a lake as hot temperatures dominate Father's Day weekend
Thu Jun 16 17:00:00 EDT 2022
After Friday's seasonal temperatures, the winds pick up a bit as the temperatures keep rising throughout the weekend.

Showers move through the region Saturday
Fri Jun 10 11:38:28 EDT 2022
Parts of the Dakotas and southwestern Minnesota will warm into the 80s with 70s elsewhere. Watch for showers to move across Minnesota throughout the day with a few thundershowers near the Twin Cities and into Wisconsin in the afternoon and evening hours.

Everything you need to know about ticks and Lyme Disease
Wed Jun 08 12:26:47 EDT 2022
In this episode of the Northland Outdoors Podcast, Ryan Saulsbury, a science instructor and outdoorsman, joins host Chad Koel to talk about ticks.

Sunshine, showers south and cooler temperatures for the weekend
Thu Jun 02 18:00:00 EDT 2022
StormTracker meteorologist Jared Piepenburg in our Northland Outdoors forecast explains when temperatures may turn a bit cooler over the weekend.

A warm Memorial Day weekend
Thu May 26 13:00:00 EDT 2022
This weekend will bring some pretty warm weather compared to what we've had so far this year. Friday already starts off with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

The rest of the holiday weekend brings in a chance of rain, more wind and heat.

A fishing tournament that isn't all about winning
Wed May 25 15:00:00 EDT 2022
Hunting journalist Bernie Barringer and Minnesota Hall of Fame angler and communicator Steve Pennaz join host Chad Koel to talk about the Minnesota Fishing Challenge on the second episode of this podcast.