The Pottery Burn Studio has relocated to Superior. The paint-your-own pottery shop, formerly housed at Duluth's Village Square Mall, opened at 1207 Tower Ave. on Friday, Feb. 1.

The move brings owner Amanda Korhonen closer to home.

"It's definitely going to save about an hour off my day every day," she said. "My husband and I are from Poplar, so we have a much stronger community in Superior. And with all of the new developments on Tower Avenue, I just thought it was a really great opportunity."

The new spot, formerly Rhonda's Always and Forever Bridal, gives its artists more elbow room. The Duluth studio footprint was 1,800 square feet; the Superior studio has about 3,000.

The space boasts a party deck instead of a party room, as well as a studio in the back for local artist Scott Checkalski, who also grew up in Poplar. He has led more than 120 canvas painting classes, many at art-focused businesses like Pottery Burn, Art on the Planet and Wine Beginnings.

Twelve years ago, Korhonen purchased her wedding dress at 1207 Tower Ave. Now, she's reinvented the space. Gone are the burgundy carpet, white walls and changing stalls. Instead, it's decked in spring colors, wooden floors and brightly painted pottery.

"New life in here - it's pretty exciting," said Korhonen's mother, Gaye Erkel.

Korhonen has owned the business since 2015 and has six employees.

"It is such a happy atmosphere, you can tell that Amanda loves her job," said Northwestern High School art teacher Charlie Hessel, who has been to the Pottery Burn in Duluth several times.

Her goal is to encourage art for all.

"Everybody has an artist within them and we're just going to help you bring it out," Korhonen said.

The finished pottery is functional - the studio uses food-safe underglazes. The studio also hosts parties, classes and pottery camps; provides to-go kits; and brings classes to customers.

For Douglas County residents, the move makes the studio more accessible.

"I am excited they have moved to Superior. It is a unique business and I think it really fits in with what Superior is trying to do," Hessel said. "It gives us a reason to stay on this side of the bridge."

The Pottery Burn is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Checkalski's studio is open during shop hours Wednesday through Friday.

For more information, visit or The Pottery Burn on Facebook, call 715-718-8080 or email

Visit or the Checkalski Fine Art Studio Facebook page for more information on the canvas art studio.