What do symbols mean to different people?

Take for instance the Confederate flag. White supremacists insist it's a symbol of state's rights and defiance against your government. But when you look at a Confederate flag, you should really see the lacerated back of a defenseless slave being tortured by a bullwhip. (Read "Bull Whip Days" by James Mellon). You should see women being raped and children sold from their families. There's nothing honorable in this.

"Gone with the Wind" is fiction. Indolent men and languid ladies living in their fancy houses were able to do so because of the shed blood of their slaves. Wearing cowardly white hoods to kill people - there's nothing honorable in that.

The Nazi swastika. Racists say it's an ancient symbol. So what? When you see a swastika being proudly displayed, you should see an emaciated face of a concentration camp victim staring back at you. At least 12 million were killed under that symbol. There's nothing honorable in parading the swastika today.

What would the WWII soldiers think of this symbol being revered? The fought and died to erase it. And yet Republicans defend its use.

President Trump and fellow Republicans seemed happy to get the support of white supremacists, Nazi party supporters and Ku Klux Klan. Trump should be applauding the protesters who came out last fall and bravely confronted these wanna be killers and thugs. Instead, he tried to defend the supremacists.

Republican Trump is a visible symbol of racism. His white supremacist supporters are largely Republican and they have found a comfortable home in the Republican party.

Why is that? I really believe the Republican party welcomes bigotry and racism and shows absolutely no evidence of following Jesus, who they so loudly acclaim is on their side.