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Something worth talking about

I have no proof for my claim, but I believe the chocolate chip cookie is the most popular cookie on the market. I have never met a person who disliked them.

The first recording of the chocolate chip cookie's origin dates back to 1938 in the kitchen of the Toll House Inn at Whitman, Mass. Two ladies, Ruth Grave Wakefield and Sue Brides, wanted to improve their dessert offering from the standard butterscotch nut cookie they served with ice cream, so they whipped up a batch of dough and mixed in a chopped up Nestles semi-sweet chocolate bar. The result was well received, and the recipe was published in a local cookbook.

Fast forward four years to when our country was fighting in WWII. Soldiers from the Massachusetts area received packages from home that contained these delicious morsels. Sharing these with their fellow soldiers, it was not long before there were request going home to their families for similar cookies. The Toll House Inn was inundated with requests from ladies around the USA for the recipe. To coin a modern phrase, the humble chocolate chip cookie went viral.

It is interesting how this confection rose so simply, to such popularity, without a highly planned campaign behind it. There were no special seminars, no paid sales people, no advertisements, no franchises; just one person sharing what they felt was worthwhile with another out of friendship.

I wonder how this would work if we shared the good news of Jesus in the same way.

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.