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Dumped cat finds new home

A photo from the Humane Society of Douglas County Facebook page shows the male cat found abandoned at Wal-Mart last week.

A male cat found inside a garbage bag in the Wal-Mart parking lot has a new home.

A store employee picked up a white plastic bag in the southwest area of the parking lot the morning of Jan. 25, according to Superior Police reports. Instead of garbage, the employee found a cat in the bag.

Overnight and morning security footage was reviewed, but no car was observed stopping in the area and no one was seen leaving anything at the spot.

The cat was inside five garbage bags, one inside the other. They had been gathered together, but not tied shut. In the middle of the bags was a blue patterned pillowcase. It appeared the cat tried to claw out of the bags, but only got through two of them.

The male cat was dehydrated and thin, according to police reports, with cat litter in his ears. The animal's legs were wet, as well, and it was shaking. It was brought to the Humane Society of Douglas County, which runs the Superior Animal Shelter.

A call to the humane society Monday indicated that the cat, who's been named Sal, is doing well. Community Service Officer Mandy Hammer with the police department said Thursday he has been adopted.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hammer at (715) 395-7280.