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Local candidates begin petition process

Petitioning for local elected offices kicked off Friday. The filing deadline is 5 p.m. Jan. 2. Incumbents have until Dec. 22 to file notification if they are not planning to run for office again.

All Douglas County Board seats, town and village boards, and odd-numbered council districts will be on the spring ballot. In addition, a special election will be held for a one-year term for the 6th Council District after Councilor Tylor Elm was appointed to the seat earlier this year.

The Superior School Board has three positions on the ballot this year. They are currently held by Len Albrecht, Craig Peterson and Michael Raunio.

The Maple School Board has two positions on the ballot, now held by Kim Pearson and Dave Paulus.

The Solon Springs School Board also has two positions on the spring ballot. They are currently held by Romine Deming and Shelley Blaylock.

For more information, contact the clerk for the body you want to serve on. Links to clerk and election information is available at " target="_blank">