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Poplar native helps produce song 'For Nevada'

In response to a national tragedy, two Judson University students chose to share beauty.

The morning after the Oct. 1 mass shooting that left 59 dead and more than 500 wounded in Las Vegas, Tim Caffee was frustrated and angry.

"I felt compelled to take that anger and frustration, and put it to good use, to try to create something beautiful," said Caffee, 21, of Fort Wayne, Ind.

He tapped fellow senior Josiah Vik, 22, of Poplar, to produce a video of the resulting song, "For Nevada."

Caffee walked into the studio of the Elgin, Ill., college with the song ready to go. They recorded it in one take. By that evening, it was available on the free music streaming site Noisetrade and YouTube.

"I thought it was perfect," said Vik, who graduated from Northwestern High School in 2014. "The emotions, the melody, the chord structure ... were natural, simple and perfect for sitting on and processing."

The friends said they taped the song with no agenda in mind and chose not market or monetize it. They hope it validates the frustration people have about the shooting, and motivates them to help others wherever they can.

"In the face of tragedy, let's stand together and love each other," Caffee said. "Let's start there and figure out where we need to go."

The song, which has received more than 67 hits, can be found at

It features Caffee on acoustic guitar.

"Our hearts are heavy for Nevada," he sings. "We are singing for Nevada. We are weeping with Nevada."

"We stand hand in hand with Nevada."

The two friends have worked on numerous musical projects together. When they graduate this spring, Vik plans to move to Nashville, Tenn., with his music business and entrepreneurship degree. Caffee, a worship arts manager major, plans to remain in the Elgin, Ill. area. But their partnership may continue.

"There's a connection there we'll keep fostering," Caffee said.

They encouraged people interested in helping to donate to organizations that have integrity, including the official GoFundMe site for the Las Vegas victims, In its first week, the campaign has raised more than $10 million of its $15 million goal.