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Duluth man wanted for roofing scam

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Duluth man who allegedly used a Craigslist ad to scam a Superior man out of thousands of dollars.

Michael David Hegg, 48, faces felony charges of forgery and theft in a business setting in Douglas County Circuit Court. The complaint and warrant were filed July 7 in the Clerk of Courts Office.

According to the criminal complaint:

Hegg used the name of an actual roofing company, M&C Roofing, in a Craigslist ad. When the Superior man responded to the ad, Hegg told him that the name of the company was recently changed from to M&H Roofing.

Hegg gave the Superior man an estimate for roofing work, indicating he would need half down and the other half when the job was completed. The Superior man wrote a check to the bogus roofing company for $2,930.

The check was later cashed, with the addition of "DBA Mike Hegg" in the "Pay to the order of" space. The Superior homeowner told police he had not written that on the check.

Hegg was seen presenting and cashing the check in video footage from the bank.

The owner of M&C Roofing told Superior Police Detective Chris Moe that his business does not advertise on Craigslist. He said Hegg worked for the company in the early 90s and that this is not the first time Hegg has used the business name in scam incidents.