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Community offers hope to victims

Sitting in a packed City Council meeting a few weeks ago, in the wake of criminal charges filed against a Superior city councilor for allegedly pointing a loaded weapon at his fiancée, I found myself quietly observing our community sending a clear message: "No More."

As an advocate and now the administrator of the Center Against Sexual & Domestic Abuse Inc. (CASDA) for the past 26 years, this community effort brought me a sense of hopefulness for the many victims and survivors who are still living with violence daily.

If we are going to make change and create a community where women and children are safe within their own homes, we must ensure that abusers be held accountable for their actions. I watched this commitment unfold at that council meeting.

I witnessed our leaders and members of our community ask for that accountability, and I recognized their understanding that we simply cannot continue to turn a blind eye on domestic violence.

Thank you for speaking out and for carrying forth a hope to live in a community without violence.

Kelly M. Burger,

executive director,