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CHURCH: Daughter's birth puts life in perspective

This last weekend, my wife went through labor and produced a beautiful little girl. As I look at my new blessing, I began to think once again about how Jesus came into our world, as a little child. I look at my beautiful little girl and I see how utterly dependent she is on my wife and I to take care of her every need.

I then think of the little baby Jesus. I stand in awe and wonder as I think of the Creator of the universe dependent upon the very things He created. Wow! Amazing! The very idea blows my mind! What strikes me even more is that He did it so that He could identify with our every weakness. What amazing grace!

Jason Benjestorf is the pastor of Safe Harbor Fellowship in Superior. Questions for him can be mailed to The Daily Telegram, 1226 Ogden Ave., Superior, WI, 54880 or sent via e-mail to or